Manufacturing and exporting the finest quality of Triple Deck Gas Baking Oven. A Deck Oven can have one to three separate baking chambers. Each chamber has a flat surface that the product is placed on to bake. Many deck ovens have stone hearth surfaces. Deck ovens come available with or without steam and are very popular for bread and pizza baking.
Professional bakery use industrial bread baking oven price/ rotary oven for sell A Gas Bread Baking 16 Trays Rotary Oven /Rotary Bakery Oven Machines 1) Applied German most mature baking technology, lower energy.
The steps for oven calibration depend on the type of oven controls. For models with an oven temperature control knob: Pull the OVEN TEMP knob off the shaft, look at the back of the knob and note the current setting before making any adjustments. Loosen both screws on the back of the knob. Each notch changes the temperature by 10 degrees F.
Picard Ovens has been manufacturing ovens for over 60 years. Proudly made in North America, our ovens are sold around the world. The Picard name is known for its reliablilty, durability and quality bake. Your oven is key to the success of your business and you can be assured that each batch will be at the top of its deliciousness.