CV-188 Request of Issuance for Writ of Possession 6/14 CV-CR-199 Notice of Change of Address 7/15 CV-CR-FM-PC-200 Social Security Number Confidential Disclosure Form 7/15
The Court will thereafter issue a judgment and authorize issuance of a writ of replevin, which is served by a sheriff's deputy, working in conjunction with persons hired or employed by the creditor to take the collateral or other property into its possession.
THE ALIAS WRIT SHOULD BE FILED UPON SERVICE The tenant must be served with the writ of possession after it is filed. This is done by having the writ of possession delivered to the Sheriff's office or the Philadelphia Landlord Tenant Officer. It is advisable to follow-up with these offices to check the status of the service.
Seisin (or seizin) denotes the legal possession of a feudal fiefdom or fee, that is to say an estate in land.It was used in the form of "the son and heir of X has obtained seisin of his inheritance", and thus is effectively a term concerned with conveyancing in the feudal era.